Terumo's Response to Covid-19

We offer our deepest condolences for the people who have lost their lives during this time due to COVID-19.

At Terumo we prioritise the following goals during these tough times:-

1. Protection of all Associates’ health and wellbeing;

2. Contributing to society to curb the impact of the virus;

3. Supplying of Products to meet the demands of the Society

The health and safety of its people is of the highest priority for Terumo India and steps have been taken to protect its employees, keeping them healthy and safe. To effectively manage the pandemic, Terumo India formed a Safety Committee who is responsible to take actions, issue guidance, impart knowledge about Covid and its protocols. Safety Committee issue guidelines to all Associates to educate them about the proper covid behaviour and protocols to be followed in the Company. An internal set up safety committee advisory responsible to track the situation and take action for the wellbeing of our Associates.

The COVID pandemic has affected everyone around the world. The second wave that appeared in several nations across the world brought with it even greater chaos and misery, and India is one of those badly impacted countries.

As the daily cases in India started growing at a rapid pace, and even crossed the 400,000 mark, the available medical infrastructure was stretched to the ever-increasing numbers. Availability of medical oxygen was amongst the topmost concerns for the government. This also ended up being the cause of a big percentage of mortalities as patients could not get access to oxygen in time resulting in asphyxiation.

Looking at the dire need of oxygen in India, in line with our mission of Contributing to Society through Healthcare, Terumo Group Companies came forward to support India in its endeavor to sail through the tough times. A total of USD 400,000 (approximately INR Three Crores and Eighteen Lakhs) were jointly contributed by Terumo Group through various channels.



In May 2021 at peak of wave 2, Terumo Group procured 200 Oxygen Concentrators and 150 BiPAP machines amounting to USD375,000 (approximately INR Three Crores). These devices were donated towards Covid relief to multiple Covid Care Centres spread across the Country.



The above timely contributions helped save many patient lives in various part of county during one of the most difficult period of Indian history.



Details of the Supplies

Apart from above, a sum of USD60,000 (approximately INR Forty-Eight Lakhs) was raised through voluntary contributions made by Terumo Associates in North America, EMEA and Japan, and matching contributions by the Terumo Group companies in these regions.